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Fabric masks are available on request.

Of course they do not replace medical masks, they are barrier masks to protect yourself and others a little more during a short outing.

This mask is neither a medical device in the sense of Regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical masks) nor a personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425 (filter masks type FFP2).


The requests are many and the designer is alone to manufacture them, the deadlines will be updated here. Current lead time: 1 to 2 weeks of manufacture + delivery, about 1 week with the post office.


A mask is sold 14€/piece + delivery fees which are added when the order is finalized. The delivery costs are free for an order of more than 60€.


Manufacturing :


The masks are hand made in France by Chloé, the founder of PRUNIER.

These masks are made in accordance with AFNOR standards.

2 thicknesses of fabric, 3 folds to fit the face, double topstitching on each side. An opening at the bottom of the mask to slide a filter (or a tissue). For a better seal, through the opening, you can slide a nose clip into the slot at the top of the mask (as a nose clip). A nose clip is supplied with the mask, you can also get it from a surgical mask, or from food packaging.


Fabrics :


To please yourself, it is possible to choose among 9 models/cloths, attention very limited stock for some models.

2 layers of fabric, breathable, flexible, pleasant to wear.

Model 1: 100% cotton, tightly woven, slightly thicker fabric.

Model 2 to 6 + 8: 100% cotton, tightly woven, light.

Model 7 and 9: 100% linen, these fabrics are woven a little less tightly than cottons and are slightly thicker.


The fabrics are chosen with a lot of care, in a recycling process they come partly from end of stock or sheets.


Attention, model 5: beige cotton with flowers, depending on the fabric placement the flowers can be pink, lavender or ochre, please specify if you have a preference by leaving a note when placing the order. (Very limited stock for this model).

Attention, the model 8 : white and blue cotton with checks, according to the placement of the fabric, the mask can be more or less white or blue, thank you to specify if you have a preference by leaving a note during the passage of the order.


4 sizes are available:


XS : 3-6 years old / S : 7-12 years old / M : teenage adult thin face (woman) / L : adult wide face (man)


For sizes XS and S you will have to tie the knots of the elastics yourself in order to adjust it to your children's size. Attention, children must wear their mask in the presence of an adult. Always check that the child is breathing properly with the mask. A child under the age of 3 cannot wear a mask, as there is a risk of suffocation.

For size XS, there is no slit for a nose clip, we consider that this could be dangerous. For size S, there is a slit for a nasal bar, but use with caution.


For sizes M and L: the elastics are already adjusted (standard size). Leave a note in your order if you want to adjust the knots of the elastics yourself.


How to use :


It should be handled as little as possible, and by the elastics.

When you are not wearing it, find a place for it, do not put it on the dining table, do not put it in your pocket, hang it somewhere out of the way for example or put it alone in a plastic bag. Discard the filters after each use.

Wash your hands before touching it.


Maintenance :


It is advisable to wash it after each use. We recommend washing it by hand at 60° with soap or detergent, in a small container, no need to do a lot, just leave it to soak for 30 minutes or more. Elastics don't like heat, so to make them last longer raise them with tongs during washing (see photo). You can also put them in the machine at 40° short cycle, removing the clip if you have put one on. Finally, you can use a steam iron before and after use to promote disinfection.


Chloé wears model 2 and 7 in size M, Paul wears model 6 in size L.

On the pictures, the pale yellow mask is a size XS, the pastel checkered mask is a size S, the pale pink and white-blue checkered mask are sizes L, all the others are sizes M.


The model may be subject to change.



In the meantime, take care of yourself!

Fabric mask: 3 pleats, filter pocket, nasal bridge slit

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